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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 26, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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troutman. we hawe have thpwe have th minute." >> oh, guess what? >> his neighbor's house is on fire. watch what this guy does. >> how the flames are no match for a hero with a hose. >> it's not hot. a driver makes a practice run and makes you wonder. >> what is this guy going to try to do? >> why a buggy back flip is harder than it looks. hungry travelers head into a
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hong kong mcdonald's. >> a few different things on the menu. >> unusual foods they find mctasty in other countries. >> this is delicious. meet the ckayaker who conquered falls. the heart-stopping moment that was off the chain. >> that is awesome! check this video out from a guy named matt palmeroy, he's holding his phone charging at something. hurdles over the fence, his neighborhood, and he's trying to be a hero. what is happening? wait until you see what's happening. [ bleep ]. >> this guy's neighbor's house is on fire, and he's rushing in to make sure that everybody's okay, that the homeowners are out. he was home at the time of the fire, but got out safely, no
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injuries. he goes a step further. watch what this guy does. matt picks up the garden hose in the backyard and starts fighting this fire. >> shouldn't you call the fire department? what can you do with a garden hose? >> right. the fire department is on the way, but he's trying to get matters under control, and you can see the fles. ha he does the smoke. after that? he gets on the roof, matt is on the roof of the house with the garden hose trying to get the flames under control. the people in the neighborhood who are watching this go down. they are saying he needs to get down. listen to how he responds. >> i'm fine. it's not hot. it's not hot! >> matt did a great job. i'm scared to see him on the roof. this is one of the most dangerous parts of the fire fight for firefighters themselves. >> i'm sure those who responded told him it was a dumb move.
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brave, but matt's the guy you want in your neighborhood. >> not saying it's a good idea, but it's awesome a neighborhood took matters into his own hands like this. as he answers the calls, get off the roof, you start to hear the fire trucks coming. >> matt! >> i'm getting off. >> eventually, once the firefighters get there, he gets down. city tv was on tv after the fire. you see exactly what the home looked like. no injuries as a result of the fire, including no injuries to matt palmeroy, who fought the fire first. a lot of horsepower, grumble, and rumbles beneath the story of the monster truck, referred to as rock bouncers, but no rocks here, you just see a vertical dirt wall. what does he do? that's brandon in his ford buggy, sizes up the hill a couple times, gets it here, back flip, bingo.
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that's right, trying to back flip. >> why would he do that? >> they are, like, indestructible, you know? do what you want, drive off the building. >> saying he's trying to? >> does he stick the flip? >> nope, gets stuck like this. >> i say he makes it. >> maybe he turtle shells it. this is part of the 2014 offroad expo in louisville, kentucky. here he goes. >> wow! >> i don't think so. a little over rotation, rubber side sis up, not down, everybod races in, the fluid is leaking out, but it's okay. wheel busted off, everybody lep lends a hand. an impossible task. how does it work? but it does. watch this guy. a day earlier, sizing up the same old hill, same event, a
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shorter wheel base. boom. >> wow. that's a little gymnastics in a buggy. >> yeah. >> the crowd goes wild, everybody seems to love it. that's the unlimited off road expo. here's the first to successfully complete it. they are heros, cars, the drivers, people love to see it. so, yeah, it's a big deal. as far as celebrations around the world go, this one is probably one of the coolest. this is in norway, and this tower that you see here is made out of a bunch of wood pallets. as you see, there's guys at the very tippy top. >> like jinga. >> they are lighting a fuse that's going to end up inside that barrel at the very tippy top because their goal is to just burn the whole thing down. i'm talking roughly 131 feet
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worth of wood. >> wow. >> they need a longer fuse. >> they work on this for a little while, and right about here, you see the fire finally start. get down. >> yeah, right. >> they hang out for a while to see if the fuse actually ends up in the barrel. funny enough, it doesn't. so one of the guys has to climb back up, grabs the fuse on fire, and throws it in. this is all part of the annual festival to celebrate the birth of john the baptist. >> it's cool. looks like the town comes out for it. >> that scene has gone from that to this. >> oh. >> yeah. >> cool. >> fire! >> there's something about pallets this burn forever. >> it's important they burn from the top down because if they did it the other way around, the thing would probably topple over, and it would be a much different show. >> what a fun bonfire. >> nice night to sit on the boat, have a beer, get close
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enough, you could feel the heat from that thing to be warm. cheers to john the baptist. >> happy birthday. this video starts out, nothing to see here, dude cruising in the ford. pay attention to the light. he definitely has a green arrow. goes to make the turn, and -- >> like -- oh! [ bleep ]. >> as he's going to make a left, the pt cruiser flies through, crashes into the dude, the pt cruiser blew the light. >> the guy ran a red light. >> we have photos of the cars. this is the ford the guy was driving. look at that thing. >> boy, that folded up. >> i'm surprised the air bag didn't go off. this is what the pt cruiser suffered, also pretty mashed up. smeared the bumper. >> yeah. >> the guy with a serious impact, and the modern car, modern technology absorbing all the energy, and he barely even
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noticed it. this one ugly, but this next one, man, it's tough. out of taiwan, watch this. this car moves to the middle lane, there's a car from the far right lane going to the middle lane as well, the white car swef swerves left, and watch. this thing rolls. watch this. >> good grief. >> the guy in the little white honda, why did he flip violently? >> scared the driver, driver was nervous, and that happens, people get scared and overreact to what's going on. >> ridiculous. he caused the accident. there was plenty of room to move back to the left. there was nobody there. rather than flipping out and causing a horrific accident. >> i agree. it's not a crazy speed. i pause it here, look, they are not close to hitting when they are merging into the center lane. he had plenty of time. the other car suffered the worst part of the accident. dude apparently looking for
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takeout walks to the window of this coffee shop, breaks the window with his hand. what he does next h fix. a firefighter sleeping in the classroom. how they wake him up with a false alarm.
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no matter where you go in the world, you can probably find mcdonald's. casey and his buddy went to
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mcdonalds in hopg congress to taste the local food there. when you go to another country, they have different things on the menu, so they tried them out. first, though, they look at the poster. check it out. >> it's like the fillet of fish, but shrimp. >> let's see how it tastes. >> it's kind of sweet. like a fish stick with an egg mcmuffin. >> they test a soup, basically corn and mushroom soup. i don't know how you could go wrong with that. >> creamy. >> now here's the grilled chicken burger. these guys couldn't tell if it was chicken. it looks like it to me because they were struck how brown it looked. >> looks like the regular mcchicken, although, considerably more brown. >> oh, yikes. i'm stricken by the blue paper,
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looks like a hospital. >> opened it up, and, like, oh, medical. >> like surgery. >> they even got a happy meal with corn. that's the most popular thing these guys ate. >> this is delicious. >> here's the pie. i have it say these guys were not big fans, but i would try it. >> looks good. >> i would imagine it's like a sweet potato pie, right? chunkier. >> tastes like children's tooth paste. >> did you say that? >> i'd be curious if the items they ordered were big sellers or prefer a big mac? to australia where this surveillance video caught a fellow walking right past the very bottom of your screen. you see him, and just a short time later, you see this. >> uh-oh, a pyromaniac. >> yes, police believe he's
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responsible for the arson attack against this local shop that could take away the restaurant, and it is charred. >> whole business destroyed. >> completely, completely destroyed, nothing left. some of the nearby buildings and locales damaged because of the fire, and all we know of this person is what we see in the video because right after we see the images of the flames starting, we also see police believe to be the same person, running away. >> not a good shot of him at all. check this out in salt lake city. the guy walks to the window of the coffee shop, breaks the window with his hand, and punches it, and after clearing the glass out of the way, he manages to get his hand in, takes as many bagels as he can grab, a cup, and then takes off. >> was the place open at the time? >> no, there's no one in there. >> is that window made of sugar?
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hand went right through it. >> all for stealing bagels? a bare hand. i don't understand it. turning to facebook to make life seem great. >> everybody's life looks better online. >> okay, all i have to do is lie. >> lie. >> see how a short film puts all the likes in perspective. a kayaker hits an urban creek for a raging stunt. >> that is awesome! >> the story behind the fall making more than a splash. bulldog: ah, the dog days of summer!
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in a world of professional kayaking, it's all about the first dissent. guys want to go down the waterfall and be the first to do it. normally, that's in the backwoods, but here is an urban center, right in the middle of
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minneapolis. >> the frozen falls. >> that's right. in the winter time, it's a froze en, gorgeous setting, but in the su raging. paddling down to make the dissent, and this took him three days to scout out. he's not doing this blindly. now, here is the sketchy part. pulling up before the lip of the waterfall. there's a chain going across the water at this point, a chain he has to go underneath. >> a do not enter chain? >> pretty much. >> you might be decapitated chain. >> he has to go across, go to a point where he's over. >> oh, wow! that is awesome! oh, my. >> splash down. gets to the bottom, here's under the water for a few seconds, pops himself right back up, missing half the paddle, wipes
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the nose, blood right there. to tell us more about what it was like, we have hunt joining us "right this minute." hunt, you wiped away blood there, what happened? >> i landed with my paddle, like, out in front of my face. the idea was to use both to slow down as fast as possible not to hit bottom. the effect was hitting my face. i had a bloody nose, but it was good, not too bad. >> can you describe what this feels like to go over this waterfall? >> not like -- you think a roller coaster where you feel your stomach drop, but it's the mix of the focus and adrenaline makes sure you do what you planned on. the height is not a factor to me as, like, the technique i'm supposed to be doing at the time. >> how high are the falls? >> it's, like, 53 feet. >> i know you scouted the route here quite a bit, but were there surprises? >> the main thing was the chain. the hardest part was under the
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cha chain, it was scarry. >> did the authorities reach out saying it was great, but don't do it? >> not directly, it's a public stream bed, like frowned upon, and no one else tries it. >> are you the first and ever to run the creek? >> i think i'm the first and only to go over in a kayak. >> why put yourself through the danger? >> i try to learn as much as i can and compare it to, like, going to school, you're in a class or something, and eventually, though, you have to take it away to test what you've learned in an environment under high pressure to see how you perform under pressure and test the skills you learned and see if they apply in settings like that. in today's world, all of us know, you know, you have your real life, and then you have your online. >> highly edited online. >> everybody's life looks better online. >> that's the topic of this short film called "what's on
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your mind," starting with a dude scrolling through his facebook feed, right? seeing people on vacation, couples, whatnot, a beautiful dinner, looks over, has something that looks like a piece of garbage, right? the sweet couple on vacation, looks at his girl, and she looks like she doesn't want to be there. he thinks, what do i write? everybody's else's life is peachy. with my girl tonight, we're not having sushi. he has a meeting, no one's paying attention to him. people bored out of their minds. there's a guy sleeping. presentation went great, gets a couple more likes. thinking, okay, i just have to lie. >> lie. >> embellish a little, right? this one, 20k run, check. he just got out of the car, but the likes go up. watch this. time's up. girlfriend's cheating on him, but guess what? it's fine in the on line world, finally single, everybody loves
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it, right? >> when in reality, he's crying his eyeballs out. >> like a s fa, realife notring what. sounds awesome on facebook, online when, in reality, look at his life. crappy. >> it's really important, i think, that a film like this is out there for people who go through their facebook feeds every single day and feel bad about their own lives. it's a real problem now that people start losing confidence. >> you have to remember, that's not real life. >> right. a car engine's got a problem. what's under the hood? what's causing the high rev you'd female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale
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save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> the guy provided a free shuttle service, and what does he do? pees on him. >> you're my dude, and dudes will be dudes. this video is little older, but trending. firefighters, and it looks like
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one of the fellow firefighters is sleeping in the classroom. >> probably had a long shift, understandable he would fall asleep. not trying to hide it. >> because he's not. watch what they do. >> what did they do? what was that? >> they were just knocking feet on the hardwood, pretending to run out on a call, hears the sound, and thinks it's time to go. >> that had to be better than predicted. falls on a locked door, falls on his butt. >> he was still in the sleep groggy phase. >> i'm not sleeping, first one there. now, the next video, wait until you hear it, you think the car sounds awful. what is under the hood of this piece of junk?
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>> that's just the guy. >> it's just a dude. that's good. because he was inside, he had great acoustics, the metal echoed. >> even had the rev going. did you notice that? that's our show. thank you for joining us. we'll see you for the next thank you for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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>> a "dr. oz" exclusive. former housewife camille grammar speaks out about her cancer bombshell the >> my heart sank. >> the radical new surgery that saved her life. >> you have no cloice. this is life. >> the risk factors you need to know to survive the most common reproductive cancer. come -- >> coming up next. dr. oz: today, an extraordinary survival story. you know her from the tabloids and as one of the original "real housewives"


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